Officine, EHPAD, retirement home: the 8 keys to success together

Officine, EHPAD, retirement home: the 8 keys to success together

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Officine, EHPAD, retirement home: the 8 keys to success together

Essential link in the EHPAD pharmacy circuit(1) and retirement homes, the pharmacist is also a privileged interlocutor for the elderly: health advice, treatment monitoring, disease prevention and screening… How to strengthen your pharmacy’s relations with these establishments? Discover eight keys to boost your business growth!

Ensure the delivery of medicines in nursing homes

A very practical service for establishments far from pharmacies! Today, most pharmacists organize free and artisanal deliveries of medicines to homes. The dematerialization of exchanges has gained ground … To retain your customers and make their lives easier, you could offer them an optimal home delivery service via Proxi Health Course(2). This platform, created by La Poste in 2013, already manages 700 pharmacies. Equipped with the Factéo application, the postman collects the drugs and delivers them to the chosen address.

Influenza vaccination for fragile patients

Volunteer to offer the seasonal flu shot!

This year again, the flu could hurt! The institutions for the elderly are on the go! The 2019-2020 vaccination campaign provides for the simplification of the vaccination course. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses and caregivers are now authorized to vaccinate against seasonal flu to eligible adults.

Strengthen your role as a health consulting pharmacist

The better you know your patients, the better you can advise them! You have an essential role as EHPAD referent pharmacist(1) in conjunction with the coordinating doctor, also thanks to the establishment of the Pharmaceutical file(3).

Cultivate a real relationship of trust with elderly patients housed in retirement homes, in conjunction with the facility manager. For example, strengthen your advisory role on drug dosage, drug interactions, etc.

Prepare pill organizers for patients in the pharmacy

To help patients comply with their treatment and limit the risk of accidents related to, in the context of securing the medication circuit, the pharmacist can prepare their pillbox. You could internalize this service within your pharmacy in conjunction with the coordinating doctor and thus lighten the work of nursing staff in EHPAD.

To optimize this service within your pharmacy, organize preparing the doses to be administered in the form of sachets. The Doctipharma application, for example, integrates a pill organizer function as well as a: the user photographs his prescription, then sends it by secure direct messaging to the pharmacist.

Contribute to the comfort of the elderly

Beyond the follow-up of treatments, your role in the dispensary pharmacy extends to the choice of products and medical devices adapted to improve the comfort of seniors: aerosols, compression stockings, walkers, dressings …

Be a force of proposal with EHPAD(1). Make sure that the equipment is used correctly, by visiting the site regularly. In this way, you will forge close ties and anticipate the needs of your customers in the months to come.

Relieve the daily ailments of seniors

As pathologies and disorders increase with age (circulation, back pain, chronic fatigue, difficult transit, etc.), many ailments can be relieved. Guide caregivers as best as possible on the parapharmacy or the most suitable non-prescription drugs to help them live better on a daily basis.

Perform disease screening tests

The pharmacist is a key point of contact in prevention and screening diseases. To watch closely among seniors! Offers your help in screening for certain diseases such as hypertension, excess cholesterol and diabetes, one of the key cardiovascular risk factors.

Offer a secure contractual framework

Finally, establishing the basis for a secure contractual relationship between an establishment and your pharmacy is a first step in streamlining the management of your medication flows. Request a model agreement from the URPS Pharmacy. This agreement will set out all contractual terms (legal liability, commercial and relationship commitments).

She will structure your collaboration in order to ensure your service in the best conditions, from ordering to the preparation of medicines, to patient follow-up in conjunction with the healthcare team.

Leave nothing to chance to ensure the sustainability of your business relationships!

(1) EHPAD: Accommodation Establishments for Dependent Elderly People.

(2) Proxi Course Santé. Proximity delivery, at home, of medicines (excluding medicines under controlled temperature.

(3) The Pharmaceutical File lists, for each beneficiary of health insurance who wishes, all the drugs dispensed during the last four months.

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