10 unique and profitable side hustles to Make Money Online Fast (2021)

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In this article we are going over 10 unique and profitable side hustles, that you can start from your computer or phone today. It’s always helpful to think outside the box so a lot of these ideas people won’t talk about them.

These side hustle ideas are scalable, they’re mostly free tostart and they can pay you a significant amount of money per hour.

1-Youtube thumbnail.

the first side hustle on my list is becoming a youtube thumbnail creator, and you should easily be able to charge $10 to $50 per thumbnail if you’re watching video on Youtube, you click on them it’s probably because of the title as well as the thumbnail. People often overlook how important a thumbnail is it’s actually like the cover of a bookand it’s one of the first things that people will see when deciding whether or not they want to watch your video. You can literally have the most helpful video in the world the best content but if the thumbnail doesn’t like stand out and people don’t want to click on it then unfortunately no one will watch the video. So that’s why a thumbnail can really make or break a video.

I do think this is a skill that you can easily learn and all you have to do is watch some Youtube videos take a course or just really practice and make a lot of thumbnails, if you take the next five days make 10 thumbnails on each day ,you will become a really good thumbnail maker. And once you get good you become streamlined and really efficient at making these thumbnails and you know a good thumbnail might take you at most 10 minutes to make.

To find new clients the best way to do this is to just reach out directly to creators, you wanna find creators that aren’t too small where they aren’t making any money and don’t have a budget to spend. But you probably don’t want to reach out to creators that are too big because they probably already have a thumbnail maker.

This is extremely scalable once you reach a point where you can’t take on any more clients you can actually start to hire this out get a team of thumbnail designers and they will help you with the thumbnailcreation process but yeah there reallyis an art to thumbnail making you have to get good at this in order to charge for the service.

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